Now accepting applications for Campers & Staff for GraceWorks 2023: June 5 through July 21, 2023!

GraceWorks maintains a safe, educational, and spiritual space where kids can learn life lessons and job skills, discover personal talents, grow in spiritual insight, and explore nature’s beauty.  Another important component of the program is the opportunity to observe and practice peaceful conflict resolution strategies. Projects and activities reinforce academic success and steer young minds toward discussing their future opportunities.

The many skills learned in the program allow participants to transform from being unskilled and powerless to amazing themselves and the community with the projects they have completed, the adventures and fears they have conquered, and the spiritual growth they have obtained each summer. Unlike most summer programs, each inner-city youth is accepted into the program at no cost to them or their family for the duration of the seven weeks. All clothing, tools, resources, food, transportation, event, and adventure fees are supplied by GraceWorks. The program’s scope encompasses each youth’s world for most of their summer.