Summer 2019 Program Completed

A huge THANK YOU for all who supported, prayed, participated, and contributed to providing the 20 participants of the 2019 GraceWorks summer ministry a fun, educational and spiritual time of growth. From the stipend-supported young adults serving as staff to the youngest participant: all grew in self-awareness and the knowledge they were loved unconditionally by God.

When asked what they had learned this summer, some of their replies were: “I learned how to use a reciprocating saw, how to fix a bike, how to garden, how to pick vegetables, how to paint, how to build new things, there are a lot of new things I can learn to do like mowing, and how to use a weed eater”. When asked what did they learn about themselves this summer the children and teens replied they learned: “how not to react when I get mad,” “how to stay unbothered, how to have self-control,” and “I can do hard work until it is done.”

Although the kids have completed the summer portion of GraceWorks, the program  continues to move forward in many other areas. The GraceWorks Oversite and Building Board meet monthly to ensure progress in the repurposing of the Grace Place Building.

We have partnered with other Episcopal Churches, and youth groups to bimonthly help maintain the green spaces, work in the food forest, cemetery and in the Grace Place building. We have partnered with the Woods Cemetery organization to clean up the back alley fence line and cemetery. Since the back fence line has been cleared, the amount of loitering and litter behind the church has already decreased.

The GraceWorks fundraiser committee has set the date of October 5th, 2019, for our first annual fundraiser, Catfish and Karaoke. The fundraiser will take place at Willow Woods park and recreation center 1 to 5. As always, volunteers, sponsors, and partners are needed and welcomed!

Our next scheduled workdays are September 7th and October 5th. More will be added as the building progress warrants the volunteer help.

Thank you again to all with willing hearts to serve the children of GraceWorks,
Kay Williams